Trusting in my own wings

Trusting in my own wings

At 4pm on Friday evening 27th April 2018 I walked out of my permanent, pensionable job for the very last time. Am I crazy? The Sir Humphrey’s of this World would call it “a very courageous decision, Prime Minister” but I am neither crazy nor courageous …. just changing lanes to drive at my own pace. After today I will no longer have to commute across 5 counties by automobile, train, bus and foot – a round trip of 320km every day – just to get to get to and from work. On the good days that’s about 4.25 hours commuting and on the other days……well let’s not mention those!

Given the fact that I have been running a small business alongside as well, a reassessment of what is important and what is actually necessary made my decision to leave very easy, a no-brainer really

So it’s not a mid-life crisis but merely a life readjustment!

I’m not retiring to lie on a beach, travel the World on a bicycle or master mindfulness with a far eastern guru. I most certainly have not won the Lotto (although I remain hopeful twice a week!)

My plan is to develop Mr Sports Gift into what I have always believed it can be and I will probably spend 80 hours a week working to avoid working 40 for someone else but I will be happy to do that. I will be happy to manage on a lot less money but to be more in control of my own destiny. I will be happy to swop 1600km a week for the more manageable 16 metres from home to workshop. I will be happy to spend more time with my long suffering better half who, in equal measure, is both envious of my new life and scared that I will bankrupt the family. I will be happy to play with my grandson in the middle of the day if I feel like it but most of all I will be happy to be happy.

My first executive decision was to give myself the weekend off but work started on Monday morning 30th of April 2018.

Please join me on the journey because I need the business now folks!

I read this somewhere recently and it sums up my whole situation perfectly – “A bird sitting in a tree is not afraid of the branch breaking because his trust is not in the branch but in his own wings”

Trust in your own wings

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