About Us

We love sport…

GAA, rugby, soccer, golf, darts (yes it is a sport). Whatever it is called, if it’s a sport we love it. Actually so do most people in our experience so this can only be a good thing.

Being heavily involved in the GAA, we started a little business supplying sliotars, footballs and whatever GAA lads and lassies used. We called ourselves Premier Sporting Goods and launched in 2010. Premier Sporting Goods ran its course but never became big enough to compete with the great online sports goods providers so retired gracefully at the end of 2017

As the writing had been on the wall for a while prior to the end and not content to sit on our laurels, we needed to look elsewhere for new and exciting products and following extensive and exhausting research and testing we launched Mr Sports Gift in May 2013.

Of course you know this already cos you’re on our super duper new website!

Mr Sports Gift is now creating personalised sliotars, gaelic footballs, soccer balls and rugby balls but we have loads of new ideas for unique personalised sports gifts. We have mugs, sliotar clocks, hurley clocks, medal holders and more things than we can possibly list here. Watch this space……………honestly you won’t believe what we’re planning.

This is a family run business but the team is generally only one!

Noel (that's me!) is the boss, a kindly soul (at least I think so anyway!) with 20+ years of diligent public service under his belt before taking the plunge to develop Mr Sports Gift on a full time basis in April 2018. It is an exciting journey and now forms a third of the stable of brands together with The Funky Gift Shop and The Badge Lads

Come along for the ride!